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AVN024 - Grace - Grace - 12"


AVN024 - Grace - Grace - 12"

A1: Untitled 1
A2: Untitled 2
B1: Untitled 3
B2: Untitled 4

Written & Produced by O.Vereker
Vocal samples on Untitled 1 taken from Peter Sotos "Buyer's Market"
Sleeve Art by Darja Bajagic
Originally cassette version released by Ascetic House
Mastered by Matt Colton at Alchemy, London.

Originally released via Ascetic House in 2015, Vereker’s Grace tape owes much to the canon of vintage anti-music, exploring catharsis via a transgression of traditional compositional & technical values. Working with the same thematic concerns of much of the more leftfield additions to the Avian catalogue - in it’s more subdued moments, anxiety & dissafection; in it’s more high energy - pure hysteria - the recording pairs basic synthesis with warped vocals in the same manner as Industrial progenitors Throbbing Gristle and Steven Stapleton (Nurse With Wound).
The reduced palette & crushed production aesthetic creates a powerful immediacy, with a twisted musicality being drawn - at times, kicking and screaming, out of the depths of the mix. Like much of Vereker’s best work on labels like LIES & Berceuse Heroique, elements warp & twist uncomfortably within the tight confines of a reduced dynamic spectrum - creating a dark, heady energy.
Ascetic House, the predominantly cassette only label, has seen appearances from LA’s Silent Servant, Northern Electronics’ Varg & Avian’s own Shifted - under his Covered In Sand alias