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Mannerfelt/Haydo - Radio Mohave - Cassette - Edition of 100


AVN019 - Mannerfelt/Haydo - Radio Mohave

A1: Radio Mohave
A2: Analysis
A3: Head Related Transfer Function
B1: Never Let You Down
B2: Stepping In

Written & Produced by Pedar Mannerfelt & Simon Haydo
Mastered by Matt Colton at Alchemy, London

Swedes Pedar Mannerfelt & Simon Haydo arrive on Avian with Radio Mohave, an EP of razor sharp leftfield Techno.
Whilst much of the output on the label might be seen as a triumph of atmosphere and energy over traditional production values, Mannerfelt & Haydo find little problem articulating both at once. Title track Radio Mohave is as reduced as one might expect, but perfectly balanced - each element occupying its designated frequency range and serving a purpose. This theme of balance continues throughout the record - even as rhythms become more complex on Never Let You Down, and the pair take a more experimental turn on Stepping In.

“…five cuts of finer wave functions oscillating between monotone jacks, rumbling rhythmic noise and EBM-tainted throbbers for the hardest-to-please experimental techno heads…” Boomkat 2015