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Sigha - Techno Derivatives - Cassette - Edition of 100


AVN020 - Sigha - Techno Derivatives
A1: 02
A2: 04
A3: 06.5
B1: 09
B2: 12
B3: 14.5

Written & Produced by Sigha
Mastered by Matt Colton at Alchemy, London

Sigha returns to Avian for an extended EP of wrought iron modular Techno.
As the title might suggest, the latest record from James Shaw is born out of an understanding and respect for the Techno genre - but at the same time, looks to confound traditional ideas regarding the structure and articulation of the music itself. Kick drums are either buried deep in the mix, omnipresent and rolling or simply non existent. The synth lines are caustic and disconnected - eerie transmissions phasing in the mix that invite a sense of suppressed hysteria

“A tense and bitter product of its times” Boomkat 2015