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Sigha - The Purification Loops - Cassette - Edition of 100


AVN014 - Sigha - The Purification Loops

A1: Loop One
A2: Loop Two
A3: Loop Three
B1: Loop Four
B2: Loop Five
B3: Loop Six

Written & Produced by Sigha
Mastered by Matt Colton at Alchemy, London

James Shaw AKA Sigha makes his debut proper on Avian with The Purification Loops, a collection of powerful, atmospheric explorations into the nature of repetition and the catharsis that can come with the experience.
“It’s something that I’ve always been really drawn towards, and it goes back to that … interest in the hypnotic … elements of not just techno specifically, but house, and other sorts of electronic music.” Sigha, Juno Download 2014
If the aim of The Purification Loops is to induce a kind of trance like state - to invite hypnosis, Shaw is vindicated through his execution of the record in question. The music resists order, it has a life of it’s own - as though the artist set the machines running, left them to their own devices and then pressed record. In terms of movement, it’s deeply organic - and yet in texture wholly mechanical. It’s uncomplicated music, and yet - like the very best Techno, invites a second listen - transcending with ease the sum of it’s parts.

“Fast techno is making a comeback. And if there’s anyone you can trust to make techno appealing to the here and now, it’s Sigha.” James Manning, Juno Download